Beyond Los Angeles: Santa Fe


Hello everyone, 

For those of you who have not treated themselves to a trip to the Southwest, I recommend making time and enjoying a three day weekend in this marvelous city. I travelled there with a friend of mine who is a similar food fanatic and we prepped ourselves for a weekend of overindulgence. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the great places to eat and drink in beautiful Santa Fe, NM! 

Friendly Neighborhood Donkey

RAMADA INN – ALBUQUERQUE (admittedly, not Santa Fe)

Nothing fancy about this place, but they had a continental breakfast that included a chafing dish full of hundreds of cocktail meatballs and a tub of picante sauce. Most bizarre breakfast? Perhaps. 


Firstly, this is a very reasonable place to stay. For about $120 a night, this place includes colorful, fun rooms in addition to a giant menu binder in the lobby and a great continental breakfast. They have a spread that includes breakfast burritos, organic oatmeal with similarly organic maple syrup, bread fresh from the Sage Bakery across the street, and a variety of fruit. I don’t know about everyone else, but I can eat at least a $50 value…. 


Having already planned to eat several times that evening, our first stop was for something lighter. Or at least lighter-ish. The fish here was very fresh, the prices reasonable, and we particularly enjoyed the Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll which consisted of spicy tuna, avocado and cream cheese. 

DEL CHARRO SALOON – Friday Dinner Stop #2 (…and Saturday)

Although the nachos are so good we went back two days in a row, the real draw for this place is the house margarita. For $6 you get an entire SHAKER of this delicious blend. 

COWGIRL – Friday Bar Stop 

After being in the bar for under 2 minutes, I met someone from my home county and got bought a shot by a local for “looking nice.” Made friends with another local, and then another – this city is ripe for socializing. 

ATOMIC CAFE – Friday Dinner Stop #3

One of our new local friends took us to this late night eatery where she enjoyed the fish tacos and we split a pizza. Decent after hours snacks. 

FIVE AND DIME – Daytime Snack Stop

Frito pie. Apparently a Santa Fe classic. Here’s the recipe: you cut open a bag of Fritos, fill with beef chili, throw on some cheese and eat it… out of the bag. It was good, I think, although that may take some heavy justification.

LA FONDA – Saturday Lunch

New. Mexican. Buffet. We practically injured ourselves sampling everything from this amazing spread, my personal favorite being the soups. This place also has the best margarita out of the ones I tasted.

Burro Alley in Santa Fe, NM


CAFE PARIS – Sunday “Brunch Dessert”

This cafe felt like something out of the movies. We enjoyed some white wine (they also offer champagne and a good sized wine list), creme brulée and a fruit tart. It has lovely murals on the wall as well as an outside patio. The proprietress was very very nice, and I would recommend this place to anyone. It is located on Burro Alley (above). 

So buy a cheap Southwest Airlines ticket and head over already! There’s eating to be done! 


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One response to “Beyond Los Angeles: Santa Fe

  1. Eileen

    Also, even though it’s not food related, remember the bar we went to where there were holy candles lit and lined up with all the booze on the back shelf of the bar? Nice.

    When you put it all down on paper (or blog), it doesn’t really look like we ate all that much. BUT OH, WE DID.

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