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Market City Caffe

Working in downtown Burbank, I am privy to nice strip of restaurants along San Fernando Blvd. I have often walked by Market City Caffe and admired both the decor, the mist machines cooling the outdoor patio and the delicious looking giant breadsticks at the table. 

Turns out, best breadsticks ever. Pair that with rosemary infused olive oil and balsalmic vinegar and you have a prelude to a fine Italian meal. 

For lunch, I had the penne. From the menu: 

Penne al Sugo di Pomodoro e Salsiccia – sweet Italian sausage, pomodoro sauce,
red chili peppers, fresh basil and garlic 

When the waitress described it as spicy, I was skeptical. I am a big fan of spicy and lightly seasoned does not a spicy dish make. However, this pasta had the perfect balance of red chili peppers and pomodoro, which paired great with the sausage and beef sauce.

I shared a carafe of Chardonnay with my friends, and $17 got us each two glasses of wine. Very refreshing lunch, indeed!

Next time I go I plan to check out the DELICIOUS looking antipasto bar. Artichoke hearts, tapenades, bruschetta, oysters… heavenly. You can even add it to an entree for $5.95, but you may not even be able to do it justice along with an entree and breadsticks. 

Go check it out! 

Here is the menu to tempt you. 


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