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Summer Eats: Papaya-Avocado Seared Ahi

Hello friends! First of all, may we offer our most sincere apologies for our lack of posts in the past month and a half!  We don’t have much of an excuse for the lack of updates besides our own laziness.  However, each of us have been undoubtedly busy with our demanding jobs, along with vacations to Austin, San Francisco/Marin County,  Ventura/Santa Barbara, Colorado (for Fletch, who went to both Boulder and Vail), and most recently San Diego.  We’ve had a large amount of awesome food in the past month and a half, and to begin to catch you up, here’s one dish that really set the bar high.

I mean, how can you not want to eat this?  It’s fresh, healthy, summery…. incredible.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sushi-grade Ahi steaks
  • Fresh, ripe Papaya (should be orange on the outside and not too firm)
  • Ripe Avocados
  • Baby salad greens
  • Sweet, fruity salad dressing (we used pear champagne vinaigrette)
  • Side of your choice, if desired (couscous is pictured above)

Season the ahi steaks to your liking – liberal salt, pepper, and anything else you may choose to compliment the flavors.  Sear the steaks on high until the top and bottom are white, yet the middle is still pink – usually about one minute per side, depending on the thickness of the steak.

Slice the papaya and avocados lengthwise, and toss the salad greens with the dressing. Arrange and plate the dish, and just take it all in –  the sweetness of the salad with the papaya mixes with the saltiness of the fish and avocado and creates a unique and delicious flavor.  Enjoy!



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Saturday night we had dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants in LA.  It’s called Sakura (located on Centinella in Culver City) and it’s absolutely amazing.  Their salmon sushi is one of the best I’ve had – especially for the price.  Going to Sakura always seems like a special experience.  There is almost always a long wait to get in – especially on weekends – but it’s totally worth it.  They have chairs and heat lamps outside while you wait, as well as a colorful fish tank inside.  The place is small and has a funky hole-in-the-wall 70s vibe.  On Saturday I literally just ordered a large sake, a miso soup, and six pieces of the salmon sushi.  I can also highly recommend the “Sakura roll.” Their california roll is also tasty as well as affordable.  The staff is friendly, and the ambiance is relaxed.  Definitely a great treat on a weekend evening.

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